Increcable TOUCHTONE

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Internet/2160P/3D-TV/6N OFHC Solid Core/Metal Plugs

Ensure 4K functionality in your Home Theater System

Purpose designed commercial grade

100% HDMI Compliance ensures certifiable performance

IUS (IWatch Unified Shell) connector fit firmly into HDMI receptacle

Purest 24 AWG 6N OFHC Copper Solid Core conductors

Full HD 4096p @ 24 / 50 / 60Hz, 8 bits per channel color support on all lengths, up to 4096p on specified lengths.

No high heat injection molding as it can increase capacitance by compromising each core's outer jacket, effectively blending them all together.

UtilizesINCRECABLE M.O.S.P. (Megarate Optimized Soldering Process) termination, a fully automated process which increase transfer rate, most HDMI cables are hand soldered.

High technology soldering process with LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER ensures consistency which results in measurably BER (Bit Error Rate) through reduced JITTER.

Nitrogen Gas Injection Dieletric Foam PE minimizes data loss

RoHS Compliant